· Fast response

· Inspection of non-conforming product

· Standardized operations

· Work place arrangement

· Process and Product Audits

· Decrease of risks

· Pollution Control

· Application of the main QMS Procedures: ANPQP, FMEA, MSA, SPC, PPAP, 8D

· No breakdown of deliveries

· No requests for removal of non-conformities

· Zero level of rejected product (0 PPM)




Our Company



Quality Management System

In 2001 Quality Management System of Ecoalliance was certified according to requirements of QS-9000 International Standard, since then it has been certified according to requirements of the following International Standards:

2005  – ISO 9001:2000,

2007  – ISO/TS 16949:2002,

2010  – ISO/TS 16949:2009,

2012  – ISO/TS 16949-Third edition.

Cars equipped with catalysts produced in Novouralsk are certified in International Test Centers of Europe, Japan, and China according to the following Ecostandards:

1998 - Euro 2,   for the first time in Russia

2000 - Euro 3,   for the first time in Russia

2005 - Euro 4,   for the first time in Russia

2012 - Euro 5+, for the first time in Russia



"Ecoalliance" performs design, development, production and delivery of exhaust gases converting systems (catalysts, converters) for automotive industry plants.
The main quality direction is to uphold a reputation of a high quality and competitive product supplier in the domestic and international markets.
Ecoalliance personnel shall be guided by the following principles:
– complete and timely satisfaction of customers’ requirements and needs with observing current regulations and technical documents;
– ensuring of QMS conformity with ISO/TS 16949 requirements and its continuous improvement;
– creation of reliable and safe product, warranted compliance of product parameters and characteristics with current regulations, technical documents and customer’s requirements;
– prevention of any product non-conformity at all stages from design to production and after sales service;
– continuous quality improvement of product, processes and increase in QMS effectiveness.
Ecoalliance management intends to conform to the stated principles and undertakes the following obligations:
– to keep Ecoalliance QMS in the working state and promote its further improvement at all management levels;
– to allocate necessary financial, technical, personnel and material resources;
– to perform monitoring of officials’ decisions and actions effectiveness concerning quality of products and processes.
Ecoalliance undertakes obligation to work as a unitary team and hopes for mutual understanding and cooperation with customers and suppliers.

Source: Quality Manual, Organization Standard 3 2011