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Scientific Production Basis

Ecoalliance systematically and effectively carries out research work, optimization of catalyst compositions, modeling of car exhaust gases conversion systems on the basis of long experience in the sphere of catalysis, achievements of own scientific school and Russian scientists.

High professional skills and scientific production basis enable successfully perform development and production of advanced technology products equal to world requirements. Over the last three years more than 50 % of our products are new products..


· Development of predetermined-properties materials and their manufacturing technologies


Morphology of Ecoalliance catalysts after durability tests

· Improvement of active layers formation technique


· Development of “canning” technique for catalyst unit


Fast and reliable assessment of catalyst components is performed in Instrument-Analytical complex of Catalyst Department including forecast of new compositions durability of new catalysts, converters, and close-coupled catalysts:

̶ Testing of converters, close-coupled catalysts installed into cars on the chassis dynamometer

̶ Testing of converters, close-coupled catalysts on the engine test benches

̶  Accelerated ageing of catalysts on catalyst activity testing system that simulates any car engine running

̶ Analytical study of chemical-chemical parameters of catalyst compositions

Our enterprise is continuously updated. Key units of process equipment are designed and produced according to Ecoalliance draft proposals.

Cooperation of Ecoalliance with the leading Russian scientific organizations, activity in training of own scientific personnel enable searching and development of new approaches to solving of complicated problems.