May 2017
In 2016-2017 test base upgrading is performed to carry out tasks of development and engineering of exhaust gases conversion systems according to prospective Euro-6c ecological requirements.
Up-to-date HORIBA VULCAN II EMS-CD 48L 2WD chassis dynamometer is installed, including a CVS sampling system, MEXA gas analytic system, VETS-ONE control system to perform testing of catalyst installed into cars.
On the 16th of May 2017 the official transfer and commissioning of new test equipment by HORIBA Europe specialists took place.

March 2017
Participation of ECOALLIANCE representatives in the specialized exhibition AUTOMECHANIKA St. Petersburg, 14–16 March, «Expoforum».

February 2017

Since 21.02.2017, LADA Vesta sedan sales have been started in Germany. Ecoalliance catalysts are applied in the toxicity reduction system that meets Euro-6 Standard.By results of January 2017 LADA Vesta sales in Europe increased by 67% in comparison with 2016 sales.

February 2017

We congratulate on successful participation in the UEIP competition ofSergey Bochkarev - The best research work” nomination Alexander Afanasyev - “The best design project” nomination.

February 2017

7-10 February Ecoalliance specialists, heads of groups and departments got training according to the program of additional professional education “QMS Development to IATF 16949:2016 Level for ISO/TS 16949:2016 Certified Suppliers”. 23 employees received confirmatory certificates.

January 2017

By results of 2016 ECOALLINCE is included in ten best Suppliers of Renault-Nissan-AvtoVAZ.

February 2016

I’d like to congratulate our team on beginning of sales of XRAY car where Ecoalliance product is used!
Sergey Morozov, General Director Ecoalliance, Ltd. .
September 2015

In Izhevsk on 25.09.15 planned LADA VESTA project started (E5+ International Ecological Standard) with Ecoalliance product used. I’d like to congratulate our team on this outstanding event!
Sergey Morozov, General Director Ecoalliance, Ltd. .

September 2015 “Open House” of Ecoalliance production site for children

September 2015

Ecoalliance takes part in INNONOVOURALSK-2015 Exhibition.
Ecoalliance is awarded a prize of “The Businessmen of 2015” competition in “The Best Taxpayer” nomination among the big business representatives. .

September 2015

Ecoalliance delegation takes part in the EUROPACAT XII International Conference.

11 July 2015
Ecoalliance team spends a weekend in the country.

In harmony with nature…

19 December 2014
 Grand meeting and evening party, devoted to the twentieth anniversary of Ecoalliance.

7 November 2014

Meeting with Ecoalliance veterans in the run-up to the twentieth anniversary of Ecoalliance.

October 2014

Participation of Ecoalliance delegation in the II Russian Congress on Catalysis.

August 2014
In the framework of Novouralsk atomic industry association, KAMAZ representatives visit is organized to Ecoalliance production site.
Fruitful meeting gives prospect of further cooperation.

July 2014
Ecoalliance team spends a weekend in the holiday house "Verevkin Ugol".

9 May 2014

1 May 2014

April 2014
I congratulate Ecoalliance team with C rank awarding by results of ASES audit of Quality Management System by Renault - Nissan - AVTOVAZ. I would like to express my thanks for active participation and good job.
Sergey Morozov General Director Ecoalliance, Ltd.

Happy New 2014 Year! 1

December 2013

Sergey Morozov, General Director, is awarded TOP-100 Regional Managers Rating Winner Certificate –Managers Association Project. The project experts are the heads of Russian Federation subjects and the heads of regional business associations. 64 regions participated in the rating.
“Our congratulations to Sergey Morozov on high assessment of his personal contribution to development of effective management of Ecoalliance!
                                                                                                            Ecoalliance team.

September 2013

By results of 2013 Ecoalliance is a gold prize winner in GOLD RATING nomination in Russian Federation (ОКВЭД 34.30) according to financial and economic activity criteria.

July 2013

In July 2013, a year later after the task was set to implement General Motors QSB requirements, Ecoalliance successfully passed audit and got 91% conformity instead of 85% required, thereby gets positive assessment from GM auditors.

March 2013

      On the 11 of March Boris Gryzlov, the chairman of Rosatom Supervisory Board, visited Novouralsk atomic cluster. During the visit distinguished guests took a closer look at non-nuclear products of TVEL, Rosatom Fuel Company and answered questions of local and regional journalists. Boris Gryzlov: "The atomic industry always was and still is a locomotive of Russian economy. At the same time non-nuclear productions emerged in parallel with the main atomic activity. Novouralsk production site is no exception: at present new serious innovation and high-tech business projects start up in UEIP affiliates, including investors’ involvement. I believe that it is necessary to settle questions of such development at the level of the federal and regional government”. The formation of the so called “second nucleus” is confirmed by the exhibition of TVEL non-nuclear products with participation of the leading enterprises of the company. Novouralsk production site was also presented by Ecoalliance innovation products. In the judgment of the distinguished guests interested in the exhibits these new trends in business create the necessary prerequisites for new working places in the former mono-production towns. Evgeniy Kuyvashev, the governor of Sverdlovsk region, expressed confidence that creation of industrial park in Novouralsk territory will give an opportunity to enterprises to realize their scientific and personnel potential.
"UEIP Dialogue " №9 (676) 15 March 2013
24 December 2012
"I wish collective happy birthday open company Ecoalliance"
                                                                    General director S. Morozov

December 2012

Participation in XX International Conference on Chemical Reactors “CHEMREACTOR-20”, Luxemburg..
September 2012
Ecoalliance received the award for efficient business activity in the sphere of industrial production in the Businessman of the Year 2012, Novouralsk, Russia

August 2012
Participation in International Congress on Catalysis and Automotive Pollution Control (САРоС9),
Brussels, Belgium.
March 2012
Production of 1 000 000-th converter of car exhaust gases.